Children are able to connect with dogs in a very special way. They seem to know what each other has in mind and what they’re feeling even if they aren’t communicating verbally.

In Got Talent Global, that’s exactly what the whole world witnessed. A 4-year-old girl named Emma gave a really amazing performance with her tiny but highly talented dog.

At the beginning of her performance, Emma entered the stage wearing a cute green tutu. She was pushing her dog in a pink baby stroller which instantly got the attention of everyone watching her.

Then, with her command, Emma made her dog jump from one basket to another. Even though the baskets were larger than the dog, it had no difficulty doing the trick, a clear sign that it was trained with patience and discipline.

Next, Emma instructed the dog to walk up a toy ladder. You can see her tiny finger pointing up and she was smiling as her tiny dog went on the slide and into a play tunnel.

The next trick involves the hula hoop. When the audience saw what Emma was about to do, they stood up to get a better view and it was really a delightful act to see.

With Emma holding the hula hoop, the dog went in and out of it. It’s clearly looking at the little girl for instructions and it was totally adorable. You can see their connection and it’s not something you’d be lucky to see every day. The judges were totally hooked at the girl and her little dog that they were smiling the entire performance!

And as a final treat for everyone, the dog jumped into its cute pink stroller. Just when they were about to exit the stage, Emma blew a gentle kiss to everyone and it melted everyone’s heart.

Training dogs a few tricks isn’t that easy. One needs a lot of time, patience, and commitment before he can start teaching dogs one or two tricks. The rate at which the dog learns to do tricks, however, will depend on its breed, age, as well as the complexity of the trick. The skill of the trainer is also a huge factor in how quickly a dog or puppy will learn something new.

As a rule of thumb, the more one teaches his dog, the faster it’ll learn. In the case of Emma, her family did an excellent job on training the little dog as it takes a lot of skill to teach the puppy to follow a child, like Emma.

Truly, it’s a captivating performance that’ll surely bring a smile to your face.