Fear is something that is felt by all. And, during frightening times, it is incredibly difficult not to be anxious. One of the most common results of anxiety in humans would have to be lack of sleep. A person in fear for his life will surely feel afraid to doze off, thinking that something might happen while he is in a state of slumber.

This must be how little Adalynn Leary, Ady to her family, felt when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit their hometown in Alaska. After the said disaster, the toddler could not sleep alone anymore. However, she found a way to adjust with the help of their family’s reliable pitbull, Fury.

After the devastating earthquake that hit Alaska, Kyle Leary and his family were just glad that they were safe. But still, the scare that this catastrophic event gave to everyone was undeniable. Even Ady, his toddler daughter, was not safe from the anxiety and trauma that experiencing such disaster has given everyone.

One of the most evident effects on the child was her trouble with sleeping alone. Scared to close her eyes at night without anyone by her side, Ady called her “best friend and bodyguard”, Fury, to cuddle up next to her.

In the film captured by Kyle using a camera in Ady’s room, it can be seen that the little girl was really into keeping Fury comfortable that she even covered him with a blanket. She was tucking the dog in and in the process, she seemed to also calm herself to sleep.

When Kyle posted this video on his Facebook account, it was obvious that not everyone was pleased with the idea of a toddler sleeping next to a 100 lb dog. Some even pointed out that the scene was cute but it was not what they would do for their own children.

Despite the mixed comments from netizens on his footage, Kyle was still unyielding on his stand that Fury “isn’t just any animal” and that he knows the dog will never cause hurt or pain to Ady. In fact, he believes that Fury will be Ady’s service dog and that the pitbull will protect the girl in any way she needs.

As for young Ady’s love for Fury, it is quite apparent form the footage just how much her dog Fury means to her. Especially when she tucks him into bed to make him feel safe and secure.

This baby’s love and trust for her dog is something that you should definitely see for yourself.