The elderly must always be looked out for when they’re seen out on the streets alone. Bus driver Mike Blair is always aware of his surroundings and the people boarding his bus on a daily basis so when he spotted a 92-year-old man alone at the bus stop, Mike became alarmed. He’s driven a bus for the past five years with the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada and has seen many strange things. But this poor elderly man concerned him.

The weather that day was at least 110 degrees. When Mike stopped the bus at his next stop the 92-year-old gentleman caught his eye. Everyone boarded onto the bus except for the elderly gentleman. That’s when he noticed the man attempt to grasp the wall but it was the look on his face that quickly got Mike up out of his seat. The man didn’t look very well. Mike grabbed ahold of him gently, sat him down on the first empty seat and quickly realized he needed to act fast. Heat stroke in a senior citizen can have devastating consequences.

The first thing Mike could think of was his personal water bottle that he had packed in his lunchbox. He grabbed his bag, snatched up the water and assisted the gentleman with slurping up some much needed water. Mike was so engrossed in helping the withering man that he had no clue another passenger had snapped a photo of Mike’s good deed! The photo was posted on Twitter and has since gone viral! Learn more about this heartwarming story in the video below. It’s so sweet!