The airport can be a pretty boring place when you’re waiting for a flight that’s just been delayed — or worse, cancelled. Sure, there are great airports out there, like the Changi International Airport from Singapore where passing passengers can watch a movie in an actual theater, go to a spa, hit the multimedia deck for more fun, and even enjoy a corkscrew slide.

But if you’re stuck in an ordinary airport and you’ve got hours until your flight, you might go out of your mind from sheer boredom. In an airport in Malta, waiting passengers were treated to a surprising sight — that of an accomplished pianist and composer flexing his musical talents in the middle of the lobby.

It was a pretty slow day at the Malta International Airport in Luqa. Most passengers passing through were glued to their phones, feeling restless and bored — until a dressed down young man appeared. Dressed only in a shirt, long shorts, and brown slippers, he looked like any typical tourist. But when he opened the lid of the baby grand piano and put his fingers on the keyboard, everyone’s ears perked up.

This man was no ordinary passenger. He was Evgeny Khmara, a pianist and classical composer. He has more than 70,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel where he regularly uploads videos of his original compositions. But this video was different. It wasn’t a rehearsed music video. It was a surprise — and a gift to the bored passengers at the airport.

When Evgeny started the first notes, the women to his immediate left instantly paid attention. One of them smiled and later pulled out her phone to record the performance. Other people started to notice and turn around. More and more people started to snap a video of Evgeny as his hands flew over the keys.

The camera panned to show other people watching Evgeny’s show in rapt attention. One woman was smiling as she filmed the performance. To the pianist’s right was a man carrying a child. Both were staring intently at Evgeny, enraptured. Even the young children in the back who had been talking and playing around earlier had quieted down to listen to the music.

One woman even strode past the young pianist to plant herself in a chair right in front of him. It would have been pretty awkward for most people, but Evgeny was unfazed. Throughout his performance, he played flawlessly. Aside from composing his own Classical music, Evgeny also does covers of famous songs. And from time to time, he plays in the middle of a public place to give busy people or bored passengers a pleasant surprise and make their day brighter.

Music can certainly lighten the mood and take away the stress. It can also make you forget that you’re stuck in an airport waiting for your flight!