Musicians and lyricists draw inspiration from various things: places they travel to, songs they hear, other people’s stories, the art they see, and often, their own experiences. When a song has an interesting story behind it, it becomes more genuine. It serves as a beautiful narrative of something that was once incredible or life-changing. A perfect example of a song that touches on real life experience and tugs at the heartstrings is Kelly Clarkson’s ballad, “Piece By Piece.”

Kelly Clarkson, the winner of American Idol season one, is a singer and songwriter known for the hits “A Moment Like This”, “Breakaway”, “Because Of You”, and more upbeat ones like “Since U Been Gone.” Some of her songs have also been featured in movie soundtracks like The Princess Diaries 2 and Pitch Perfect. With three hits that made it to number one on the charts and with over twenty-five million albums and forty-five million singles sold worldwide, Kelly Clarkson proves she is a true icon and shares her expertise by serving as a vocal coach on The Voice.

With sold out concerts everywhere, she continues to surprise fans with amazing performances and hit after hit. It was during one of her concerts that the surprise was on her for once. She was singing “Piece By Piece” backed up by a guitarist, with the audience singing along, when her husband, Brandon Blackstock walked in with a guitar strapped over his shoulder. Despite shrieks of delight from the audience, Kelly Clarkson remained oblivious at first as she continued singing. It was only when the other guitarist started walking away slowly that she noticed something was going on.

She turned around in time to see her husband making his way closer to her. Kelly’s reaction was a mix of confusion, shock, and joy. She stopped singing to introduce her husband to the audience, all of whom responded with cheers and loud applause. You can tell by the way they looked at each other throughout the performance that romance was very much alive between them. It’s no wonder Kelly Clarkson has no trouble writing songs that speak of love and hope.

“He takes care of me ’cause he loves me. Piece by piece, he restored my faith.”

In interviews, Kelly Clarkson confirms that the song was inspired by how great of a husband and a father Brandon is.

The romantic moment was capped off with a sweet kiss shared by the happy couple. Kelly and Brandon prove that consistency, faith, and love are key to a happy, lasting marriage. Check out her surprise captured in the sweet moment below.