Having a public piano in a shopping center, station, or busy street can be cause for concern. But, many times, it can also be a cause for celebration. It’s the perfect opportunity for people from all walks of life to showcase their talents, practice their skill, or give passersby an unforgettable performance.

One girl was playing the public piano when one passerby disturbed her and took her place. What followed was a particularly unique and interesting performance that stopped people in their tracks.

In the video, a teenage girl was seen playing on the public piano. A man approached her, wanting to take over. The girl refused to leave her seat at first, saying that she was practicing and that the man needed to find his own piano. After a few minutes, though, the girl relented and gave way.

But she didn’t look happy. In fact, she looked annoyed. But then the man started playing…and it was a happy tune that made the girl clap her hands. People who were watching the scene unfold couldn’t stop themselves. They, too, started clapping to the tune.

And then a man with a hard hat and construction clothes passed by. It was like he was drawn by the music. He grinned at the girl. And then the two of them joined the first man on the piano. Three people, one masterpiece.

Instead of noise, it was a wonderful piece that drew quite a crowd. A couple with a baby had to pause to watch three people making music on one piano. Several other people stopped and took out their phones to record the scene. Even they weren’t able to stop themselves from dancing, though. Some of them nodded their heads and bopped to the melody.

There was a lot of clapping and stomping, but it was amazing music. The people in the crowd were amazed and impressed. Most of all, they enjoyed the performance! At the end, the crowd clapped and cheered. Everyone had a great time.

And the man who disturbed the girl in the first place? He was Terry Miles, a piano teacher. But Terry has a unique style. He teaches Boogie Woogie Piano. This musical genre isn’t strictly a solo piano style since it can be used in different combos.

It’s why the performance featured more than one piano player. The great thing with what Terry is teaching is that it invites other people to share the stage and make music together.

Well, it certainly brightened the day of the passersby who weren’t expecting a dramatic musical performance!