Millions of viewers tune in to the annual Miss Universe pageant to see the exceptionally beautiful and poised women representing countries spanning the globe. It’s exciting to watch them progress through the different categories and competitions with only one emerging as the ultimate winner.

Last November, TV viewers and audience members were captivated when Miss South Africa, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, had the crown set atop her head. She was bestowed with the esteemed title of Miss Universe and her sweet demeanor and strong faith quickly captured the hearts of people everywhere — including one particular football star.

Tim Tebow has never shied away from sharing his strong faith with others. It didn’t take long before Tim and Demi-Leigh met in a very special way and began dating — they seemed to be two peas in a pod.

“She is a really special girl and I am very lucky and blessed for her coming into my life,” Tebow said.+

Tim and Demi-Leigh actually crossed paths at Tim’s annual and hugely popular “Night to Shine” event where young people of all abilities attend a prom created just for them. Demi-Leigh’s sister has special needs, which has led this Miss Universe to create her own special charity work and projects along those lines.

After the pair dated for a period of time, the couple decided it was time for their two families to meet. Tim’s parents invited Demi-Leigh’s parents to their 47th wedding anniversary celebration and were delighted to host them.

Both sets of parents were thrilled that their children had met someone else so immersed in their faith. Demi-Leigh has proclaimed her devotion to God several times on her Instagram page.

She recently became involved with the charity organization God’s Love We Deliver, a non-profit that prepares and delivers nutritious food to people with illnesses in the Manhattan, New York, area. But it wasn’t until Demi-Leigh was ready to hand over the crown to the next Miss Universe that people around the world discovered just how dedicated she is to her faith.

She gently passed on her crown to the new Miss Universe, Catriona Gray, and took her final walk, waving at everyone as all eyes fell on her. She took the opportunity to address everyone listening and express her heartfelt thanks to the one above.

“First, all glory goes to my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ,” she said.
In front of an auditorium full of mesmerized attendees and before viewers spanning the globe, Demi-Leigh gave all the glory to God for the bounty of blessings she’s received. What an amazing testimony of faith from a brave and beautiful soul!