Ride share programs like Uber and Lyft seem like an indispensable part of our daily life now. But when they were first introduced almost a decade ago, people mostly worried about the safety of getting in a stranger’s car as a way to get around. After all, wasn’t this what our parents had warned us not to do all our lives?

Outlooks have changed for the better of course, and these days, it isn’t uncommon to hear stories where these peer-to-peer ride share drivers are actually going beyond their duties of being reliable drivers, to also being vigilant citizens.

One such story from Worcester, Massachusetts has gone viral in the news media. Ashton Mazyck, a behavioral therapist who works with children, also drives for Lyft during his down time. On a recent chilly January night, he was on his way home after dropping off a fare when he made a startling discovery.

After parking in his building’s car lot, he noticed what looked like a small animal shivering in the bitter cold by the lobby door. Getting closer however, Ashton was speechless when the presumed small animal turned out to be a crying and shivering 2-year-old-girl. The time was roughly 3AM.

Ashton immediately called his mom Vida Mazyck, who also lived in the building, and asked her to bring a blanket. The two took thetiny child inside the building and immediately tried to warm her up. According to Vida Mazyck,

“Her feet were numb. I kept saying, ‘Does this hurt?’ And she couldn’t feel me rubbing her feet.”
They also called Worcester Police to report the incident; they arrived on scene and immediately rushed the 2-year-old to a hospital.

The police later reported that the child was being watched by her grandmother while her mother worked the night shift. The toddler had managed to somehow slip out of the house while grandma was asleep. Barefoot and covered in salt and ice, the little girl was huddled next to the building’s main entrance when Ashton found him. As he later shared with the local news media:

“I don’t know how long she was out there, but I’m just definitely thankful, you know, that I was there when I was.”
Vida, who is usually not keen on her son having to work such late shifts, was definitely glad that this time, he was in the right place at the right time.

Thanks to Ashton, he quickly became a young girls guardian angel and her family is forever grateful for him and his mother.