Many women hit their 40s and realize they’ve spent so much time taking care of others — kids, elderly parents — and focusing on aspects of life like work that they’ve neglected themselves. They look in the mirror and see the same hair style, makeup and apparel they’ve had for years.

Lots of women are completely comfortable in their own skin and don’t worry about their outward appearance. But one mom from Virginia really wanted some help.

Michelle Moyers, 48, had finally started taking care of herself. She had lost 40 pounds and was looking ahead to her 30th high school reunion.

She arrived at TODAY’s plaza with her son Daniel in the hopes of being chosen by the show’s Ambush team. Luckily, she was!

Michelle sports waist-length hair and felt it needed to be updated. The Ambush team obliged and gave her hair a drastic overhaul!

They shaped her locks into long, sophisticated waves, lightened her hair and added golden highlights. The style team also gave her a new wardrobe that emphasizes her new figure.

Michelle was decked out in separates that transition easily from a daytime look to evening fun with the addition of just a few bold accessories. Her fashion look is perfect for fall!

Although Michelle looks beyond gorgeous, it’s her son’s reaction that might take the cake.

The second Daniel took off his blindfold and caught his first glimpse of his mom, he teared up and couldn’t stop. It’s obvious he can’t contain his emotions.

“You look amazing, Mom. You look so beautiful!”

How sweet is he? In no time, the powerful moment has the entire stage reaching for tissues. You definitely don’t want to miss it!

Check out Michelle’s big reveal and Daniel’s super sweet response in the video below.