When life feels monotonous and when we feel stuck, sometimes, one small change can make everything better. Often, when we make big decisions that involve drastically changing our lives — be it moving from one place to another or getting a new job — we desire a makeover to go along with it.

One woman from Seattle knew she needed a change. She was pursuing a new profession in the same industry, and she wanted to look new, as well. At first, she was nervous about the makeover, but as soon as she saw the outcome, she couldn’t have been happier!

Dawn from Seattle wanted a new hairstyle, and when she went on the MakeOverGuy Minneapolis’ YouTube channel, she was told to get a haircut. This frightened her because her long locks have always been a part of her. She considered her long dark hair one of her defining traits. Also, it took a long time for her hair to grow, so she was pretty hesitant to cut it short.

Her hair used to be “full, fluffy, and curly.” But now that she was in her forties, Dawn’s hair was thinning, so she decided to get a new hairstyle. This was brought on by her desire to pursue a different position. She worked in the airline industry and because her work required a lot of going up and down and running here and there, she usually tied her hair in a bun.

Now, Dawn wanted to move into a different job. She wanted to be a flight attendant. So, she wanted a new hairstyle that would reflect her new position. Dawn also said that she wanted to feel more confident and that being a flight attendant has that air of refinement and attractiveness. And that was what Dawn wanted in her new look.

Subscribers of the MakeOverGuy Minneapolis’ YouTube channel picked a look for her — short curls that would make her look younger and sexier. Dawn was afraid at first. She wanted the change, wanted a new style, but she had been a long-haired woman for a long time.

When she first saw the look that the stylist was going to give her, she gulped. She didn’t think it was going to look good on her, but she succumbed to the will of the people. And when she saw the outcome, she realized that she looked sexy!

Her short curls looked more full-bodied, and it made her look younger. MakeOverGuy Minneapolis also drew attention to her face by doing up her eyes and brows. The simple makeover transformed Dawn into someone who looked young, fun, and always on the go.

When it comes to makeovers, it’s always best to go all the way and be open to new changes!