When Mary walked into Makeover Guy’s studio in Minneapolis, MN, all she requested was for a hair cut and make-up tips to make her look less frumpy and old. Little did she know she was going to leave the studio a new woman! Christopher Hopkins, also known as MakeoverGuy, is also known by a lot of things. He is an orchestra singer, an author, an educator, a producer, and an entrepreneur. But he is most known for his achievements in the beauty industry.

He started his career in the haircare industry in 1990 when he opened the Christopher Hopkins Salon at the KSTP studios in St. Paul, MN, where he was also the host for their show, Good Company. Since then, he has opened more salons until he opened MakeoverGuy Minneapolis, an appearance studio, in 2017. 

At MakeoverGuy, he offers different services, according to what you requested and what you actually need. He offers haircut, make-up, hair color, and wax. For makeovers, he offers several packages and will show you how to do what he did so you can have it done or do it yourself every day. He even offers services on how to carry yourself, how to choose the best clothes that fit your silhouette, and even how to speak with an impact. 

And Christopher continues to transform numerous individuals into masterpieces with his golden touch. One of his regular clients, Ann, says the first appointment changed her life. Christopher gave her a flattering current and sassy look that made her daughter gasp at her beauty when she got home that day. Christopher continues to cut her hair since then and they’ve developed a great friendship because of it. Another client, Pam, went with her daughter and her 86-year-old mother to get makeovers and she loved that Christopher and his team made them feel like the most important client ever during their time.

No wonder Mary was excited to go to her appointment with MakeOverGuy! She was tired of looking frumpy and old and she needed a change. She searched makeovers on Google and found MakeOverGuy, who was just nearby. She had been coloring her hair the same color from the same brand for over 20 years and she wanted to stop. When Christopher started cutting her hair shorter and shorter, he realized her look was getting better and better. 

And when they revealed her haircut and hair color to her, she was shocked! She didn’t realize the pixie cut with platinum hair would work on her. She said her husband was going to love it, especially since he loves her in short hair and he’s been requesting her to cut it short for the longest time. She’s always resisted and made a lot of excuses not to cut her hair short but Christopher ended up making the decision for her. 

The makeover was supposed to be an anniversary gift surprise, who she’s been married to for 27 years. And she can’t wait to show her new look to him. Christopher just gave her new inspiration to live better and look better. Now, she wants to work on the rest of her. 

What a stunning transformation!